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The National Evangelism Team's goal is to place in every city and every country...


The true aim of evangelism is to share the love of Christ in a dynamic way...

WELCOME TO PRAYER EVERYWHERE N.E.T. (National Evangelism Team's page)

Prayer partners - The National Evangelism Team is grateful to the Lord for 100 Days, 100 Souls and 100 fold Harvest.  Please click here to see the great things the Lord has done.


The FRANgelism Campaign which focuses on sharing the National Prayer Call with our "FRANs" - Friends, Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors and encourage them to join Bishop Teal and the Partners of Prayer Everywhere on the National Prayer Call.  Help others gain access to the same benefits and blessings of Jesus Christ's love, grace, support, and acceptance that we, as believers, experience every day, twice a day on  the National Prayer Call!


So please invite your FRIENDS to join us right here on the NPC.


We want to win the lost at all cost! 

The Partners prayed, prepared and participated during our event on Saturday, June 3rd.  We walked through communities with prayer, praise and brought the hope of Jesus Christ and His arms extended to the neighborhoods. We spoke with and prayed for people along the way, handed out literatures, dispensed hygiene packets for those in need and in some cases gave out a bagged lunch for those that are hungry as part of our “Operation Brown Bag.”  


Please continue to pray for us and plan to join with us for future events.  Please find below some pictures from our most recent prayer walk event held in multiple cities in the U.S. and in various other countries around the world.


If you or your church would like to join us in the future, please contact us by completing the form below and clicking on Submit below.

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