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Prayer Everywhere's mission is to leave no place in the world untouched by praying people. More than great armies or grand governments, more than eloquent statesman or wealthy corporations, praying people shape history and determine world events. We are grateful to God for the relationships and connections He continues to divinely aggregate and orchestrate. We need partners in order to accomplish Prayer Everywhere's vision to win the world through prayer, His Word and His Holy Spirit. Partners are people, like you, that understand the vision, desire the Dream of Prayer Everywhere and are excited about the Opportunity of Prayer Everwhere. Partners would help us with the financial costs and spiritual sacrifices of the vision and ministry and assist in the expansion of God's Kingdom.



As stated in Leviticus 26:8, God can multiply our efforts when we come together for His glory and the expansion of His Kingdom.  There is an exponential release of His blessings when we unite.  If you are being blessed by what the Word and prayer are doing in your life (through the National Prayer Call and the Prayer Everywhere ministry) and have considered the seven Prayer Everywhere Commitments, we would love your help in advancing the purpose. Won't you consider becoming a partner today and we can reach the world with this passion of Prayer  Everywhere?



  • Personal Prayer is our commitment to all our partners. Each day, whether you send a prayer request or not we will pray for you and your family. We consider you our “spiritual family”. 

  • Covenant Impartation is a part of spiritual partnership (Romans 1:11, I Thessalonians 2:8). We believe that a passion and vision for prayer is deposited and developed in those who partner with Prayer Everywhere.

  • Abounding Blessings are given to you by God when you are faithful to support the work of prayer!



When you partner with Prayer Everywhere, you are not partnering with an organization but with an organism or God-birthed and God-breathed Movement. Along with the Partnership pledge, partnering with us has its perks (see a few examples below). 


  • Partnership Certificate will be sent to you as a token and testimony of your commitment to leave no place in the earth untouched by praying people. 

  • Partners Access Code on website - This will allow you to immediately begin to enjoy the benefits that come with your partnership. 

  • Free Subscription to the Prayer Everywhere E-zine. This publication includes the “Monthly Epistle”, a Spirit-led letter written by Bishop Teal to all Prayer Everywhere Partners. 

  • Automatic Seating Reservations and Pre-registration form for the annual Prayer Everywhere Gathering. You will have preferred hosting at this premier prayer conference. 

  • Automatic membership, The Bishop’s Book Club. This will allow you read books along with Bishop Teal, follow his notes, get his personal reviews on popular Christian books and build your library. 

  • Special Discounts are available for partners only. 20% discount on all on-line orders by partners. Special resource features regularly offered to partners only. 

  • Multi-Media Ministry provides additional messages by Bishop Teal and other Prayer Everywhere covenant ministers on video and audio that are not available anywhere else. 

  • The Teal Pulpit Sermon Notes and Outlines. These are actual outlines of messages preached by Bishop Sean Teal. A must have treasury for every preacher and student of the Word.



We would love to recognize and highlight your contributions to Prayer Everywhere ministry.  We thank God for our partners (like you) who have gone Above and Beyond your Call of Duty ("ABCD") in various aspects of the ministry (for example, inviting friends / new guests to the National Prayer Call on a weekly basis, helping with daily Bible reading, intercessory prayer, exhortation, etc., coordinating the many responsibilities that are part of the annual Prayer Everywhere Gathering and expansion of the vision and God's Kingdom).



Become a Prayer Everywhere Partner Today! Sow a one-time seed faith gift of USD $50 or more and you will receive the afore mentioned privileges of partnership. Your partnership will be annually renewed as you faithfully support the movement with your prayers, involvement and financial support. I have prayerfully considered partnering with Prayer Everywhere.

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