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For your special seed into this ministry for $15 or more we will send you your own e-copy of this e-books to your smartphone / device.


The 39 Stripes: "...and by His Stripes, we are healed..." 


The last seven days in the life of Jesus had to be the most important days ever lived on this earth.


The newest book release, The 39 Stripes by Bishop Sean Teal will walk you through the Passion Week and bring you to the Empty Tomb and Resurrection.  Bishop Teal provides fresh Spirit-filled insights that will help you understand, like never before, The Finished Work of The Christ.


This book is a daily devotional, an anthology of expository sermons, a verse to verse commentary and a seminary text book on Jesus.  Learn so much more about His suffering, His death and His resurrection.


To purchase your printed copy of The 39 Stripes by Bishop Sean Teal.  Go to


You may also send your tithes and best offering to The House at P.O. Box 99735, Emeryville, CA  94662.

The 39 Stripes

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