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Spiritual movement with a strategy to win souls...


Transforming lives by demonstrating the love
of Jesus...



Prayer Everywhere originated in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The vision is to leave no place in the earth untouched by praying people.  Prayer Everywhere is a spiritual movement committed to expanding the influence of God’s kingdom in the earth. We are devoted to praying with passion and rightly dividing the word of truth. Our mission is to leave no place in the world untouched by praying people. More than great armies or grand governments, more than eloquent statesman or wealthy corporations, praying people shape history and determine world events.  Our dream is to transform lives by demonstrating the love of Jesus and the power of prayer around the world The Dream.  Our priority is to win the unsaved friends, relatives, associates and neighbors through effective intercession The Opportunity.  We are committed to using every means available to connect and cover people in prayer.  Please consider joining with us in Partnership as we work towards fulfilling the mission.

The National Prayer Call, or The "NPC," (a ministry of Prayer Everywhere) - is a telephone conference call held every morning at 6:33am (EST AND PST) hosted by Bishop Sean Teal and the partners of Prayer Everywhere. The number to call into the prayer line is (760) 548-9450.  Please click here to hear the replays of the recorded daily NPC sessions.

Please join us for the 50 Days of Praises, Prayers, Power as we study through the Book of Acts from March 31st to May 19th.  Please click here to follow the Scripture Reader Schedule.

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Our mission is to exponentially expand, extend and enable the vision and partnerships of Prayer Everywhere to impact Africa and the world. Our goal is to buy and build; to partner and possess; to underwrite and utilize properties in and around Monrovia, Liberia for childcare and nutrition, literacy programming, theological training, local missions and world prayer.  

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